Promote your brand and find top talent that aligns with your culture and values

Leverage the power of AI-driven talent acquisition and unlock the potential of our advanced sourcing and talent benchmarking capabilities
Promote your brand and find top talent

Benefit from high-quality candidate sourcing, reduced time to hire, increased retention rates, and foster a sustainable and diverse workforce.

At INOP, we understand the importance of cultural fit and alignment when it comes to successful hiring. Our advanced AI matching algorithms ensure that companies are connected with professionals who share their values, culture and vision, making it easier than ever to build purpose-driven teams.

Unlock the potential of AI-driven talent acquisition

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Promote your brand, find talent that aligns with your values, and create a sustainable workforce for the future.

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Make values-based recruitment decisions. 

Streamline your talent acquisition value chain. 

Our platform goes beyond conventional recruitment tools by offering rich enterprise-level insights

Drive your talent acquisition strategies with AI-powered sourcing and talent benchmarking capabilities. 

Strategic workforce planning

Cultivate a workforce that embraces diversity and inclusion for sustainable growth. 

Enhance your talent acquisition with rich enterprise-level insights


We offer both Freemium and Premium features

Access ESG scores, reputation ratings, and salary benchmarks

Rich insights for professionals and companies to make informed decisions

Gain access to your company and competitors predictive ESG scores, culture information, Diligent’s reputation ratings, salary benchmarks, and more. 

We invite you to review and validate the information as it plays a crucial role in shaping professionals’ career decisions.