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INOP: Where impact-driven professionals thrive.

AI-powered dream job alerts and job matching

🔥 Like Dating, Recruitment, and Market Intel Combined

Think of our app as the perfect blend of a dating platform, recruitment hub, and market intelligence tool. It's a one-stop solution for all your professional needs, empowering you to shape your career path with confidence.

Connecting Gen Z and Millennial professionals with like-minded individuals, job opportunities, and companies

Swipe. Match. Connect. Thrive!

🌍 Connect with Like-minded Professionals

Discover a community of professionals who share your values, beliefs, and interests. Forge meaningful connections, collaborate on exciting projects, and explore new opportunities together.

🔍 Find Job Opportunities with Purpose

Uncover job openings that align with your values and drive for making a positive impact. Our advanced algorithms match you with companies that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices.

🏢 Dive into Rich Company Insights

Gain unparalleled access to comprehensive data sets on professionals and companies. Explore detailed ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) metrics, cultural profiles, and reputation scores to make informed decisions about potential employers or collaborators.

Benchmark Your Success!

Leverage our powerful benchmarking tools to gain insights into compensation trends, skill requirements, and career trajectories.

Competitive edge: Stay ahead of the competition by understanding how your skills and experience align with industry standards.

Strategic decision making: Make strategic decisions about job offers, promotions, or career switches based on accurate salary and skills insights.

Negotiation Power: Armed with accurate salary data, negotiate confidently during job interviews and performance evaluations.

Equal Pay Advocacy: Identify and address any potential pay disparities or gender wage gaps through salary benchmarking.

strategic decision-making based on accurate salary and skill insights
Integrated chat tool for seamless networking and collaboration

💬 Engage and Collaborate

Our integrated chat tool allows you to connect and network seamlessly with professionals who share your interests. Start meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and unlock endless possibilities for collaboration.

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