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The demands of professionals in the workplace are rapidly changing, and showing a mismatch in expectations – particularly for Millennials and Gen Z – because companies aren’t aligned with who they are or what they want. These professionals want to make an impact and make meaningful connections. They are on the hunt for impact driven job opportunities and communities that fit with their core beliefs, values and interests. In addition, they are showing a greater need for making informative decisions.




By 2025, the workforce will be made up predominantly by millennials and Gen Zers.  They are reshaping the workplace and want to work with companies that lead with purpose and are aligned with their beliefs and values.  Current solutions in market are matching professionals at a superficial level (based on resume and skills).  Sourcing based on experience and skills alone are no longer enough for the future of work. Companies will need to think differently about how they acquire diverse talent and  what they are offering.


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“At Diligent, our mission is to empower leaders with the technology, insights and connections they need to drive greater impact and lead with purpose. We’re thrilled to be partnering with INOP to equip its network with the powerful and informative data and insights needed to make better decisions — not only at the corporate level but now at the personal level.”
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